KFC and Proper Snacks Team Up: Yummy Popcorn Combo

KFC and Proper Snacks Team Up: Yummy Popcorn Combo

Introduction: A Tasty Mix-Up

KFC, the place famous for its yummy fried chicken, is teaming up with Proper Snacks, a snack company, to create something new and exciting. They’re making popcorn that tastes like KFC’s special blend of herbs and spices. Imagine the buttery goodness of popcorn mixed with the flavors of KFC’s famous chicken – it’s a snack that’s sure to make your taste buds happy!

The Tasty Mix: KFC-Flavored Popcorn

Yummy Popcorn Adventure

Proper Snacks is known for making great snacks, and now they’re taking popcorn to a whole new level with KFC-flavored popcorn. Picture this – the crunchy goodness of popcorn, but now it has the tasty herbs and spices. This special mix is meant to bring the delicious taste of KFC fried chicken into a bite-sized snack, perfect for popcorn and fried chicken fans.

When and Where to Get It: Popcorn Fun

Popcorn Fun in Stores

The exciting KFC-flavored popcorn will be available in Co-op shops starting from August 23rd – that’s just two days away! After the Co-op launch, you’ll also find it in big stores like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda in the following weeks. This means popcorn lovers all over the UK can enjoy this unique KFC-flavored snack.

Affordable Snacking: How Much Does It Cost?

Yummy Treats for Everyone

One of the best things about this collaboration is that the KFC-flavored popcorn is affordable. It costs £1.80 for a 70g pack and £1.00 for a 20g pack. That’s a great deal! Now, you can enjoy the tasty mix of flavors without spending too much money. It’s a treat that everyone can afford.

Exploring Tasty Combinations: Proper Snacks’ Fun Snacks

Proper Snacks’ Tasty Reputation

Proper Snacks is known for making high-quality and fun snacks. This collaboration with KFC shows that they love trying new and exciting food combinations. By adding the flavors of KFC’s fried chicken to popcorn, Proper Snacks continues to make snacks that are different and delicious.

Excitement Builds: Everyone Can’t Wait!

Ready for Yummy Popcorn

The news about KFC fried chicken-flavored popcorn has made a lot of people excited. People who love popcorn, fans and those who enjoy trying new foods are all looking forward to trying this yummy popcorn. It’s like having the tasty flavor of KFC’s chicken but in the form of popcorn – a fun and tasty snack for everyone.

Working Together: KFC and Proper Snacks

Mixing Tastes Like Pros

The collaboration between KFC and Proper Snacks is like a mix of cooking skills. They bring its famous fried chicken taste, and Proper Snacks adds it to the world of snacks. Together, they create a snack that combines the goodness of KFC and the love for yummy snacks.

A Fancy Touch to Snacking: Making Every Day Yummy

Adding Fun to Snack Time

With the KFC fried chicken-flavored popcorn, snacking becomes a bit fancier. This collaboration goes beyond regular snacks, giving everyone a chance to try something unique and yummy. It shows that even famous brands can team up to create snacks that are extraordinary and tasty.

Closing Thoughts: Enjoy the Tasty Fusion

Savoring the Tasty Mix

As KFC and Proper Snacks join hands to bring us the KFC fried chicken-flavored popcorn, everyone can look forward to a yummy mix of flavors. The crunchiness of popcorn combined with KFC’s special herbs and spices promises a snack that’s not just different but also satisfying. With the affordable price, everyone can enjoy this exciting mix without spending too much. As the KFC-flavored popcorn arrives on the shelves, get ready for a new era of snacking fun – a tasty blend of KFC and Proper Snacks!